Castle Siege Confront
Castle Siege:
Arca Battle:



Ware 3 Free / 9 Star
Chaos machine Bonus 0% Free / 5% Star
Drops 30%
Experience 1000 ~ 25x
PK Timing
Hotspot All Maps
Version Season 18 ep 1-32

Chaos Machine

Itens +10, +11, +12 45%+Luck
Itens +13, +14, +15 30%+Luck
Wings Level 1 100%
Wings Level 2 80%
Wings Level 3 40% or 50% Vip
Wings Level 4 30% or 40% Vip
Feather of Condor 60%.
Garuda Feather 30%
Vip Bonus +5%

Upgrade Earring Sucess Rate

Level 11 60%
Level 12 70%
Level 13 80%
Level 14 90%
Level 15 100%


/s,a,v,e,c Commands to add points in strength, agility, vitality, energy and command.
/offattack Attack MOBs even offline.
/store Open a Personal Store. /mcoin and /mgoblin
/offstore Leave your store open even with the PC turned off.
/ware Change Chest. Eg: /ware 2.
/info [char] See character information.
/rebuild Reset character attributes.
/kill See who you killed.
/death See who killed you.
F11 end Insert Button 3D System
/vote Vote in favor of expulsion from the chat.
/openvote Start Vote mute.
/clear Clear your main inventory.
/dc Use the command /dc nick password (Account access password required)
/removeexc Command used to remove some excellent add from the item.
/mix New map Mix World.
/survivalpt New Event Survival Party entry.
/wing Use the command to roll the excellent bonuses of your wing level.
/arena or /arenagp Commands used to access the arena attack or wcoin or gp event.
/lock or /unlock Command used to lock and unlock your account against modifications.


SHIFT + 1 Hide Wings
SHIFT + 2 Hide Effects
SHIFT + 3 Hide Pets
SHIFT + 4 Hide Zen
SHIFT + 5 Hide Drops
SHIFT + 6 Hide Character
SHIFT + 7 Hide Terrain
SHIFT + 8 Hide Mobs
SHIFT + 9 Hide Mobs end Terrain
SHIFT + 0 Hide All